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    Bhumija Lifesciences Amla Juice | Vitamin C and Natural Immunity Booster (Sugar Free) – 1 Ltr


    RICH IN VITAMIN C: A high concentration of vitamin C, 20 times more than Orange. So, it has a great antioxidant effect that is effective for overall health.
    IMMUNITY BOOSTER: A combination of Vitamin C and tannin, so It is a great immunity booster. Being a good antioxidant and antibacterial, it protects the body from external attacks of pathogens. Provide relieves from cold, cough and flu.

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    Bhumija Lifesciences Plain Wheatgrass Juice – Natural | Herbal Juice Sugar Free 1 Ltr


    PROMOTES DIGESTION: A high level of enzymes from Bhumija Lifesciences green wheatgrass juice boost the digestive cycle. It helps to clean the intestine, reduce gas, bloating and stomach discomfort.
    HEALTHY AND GLOWING SKIN: Wheatgrass supports the greater elasticity, appearance, texture, moisture and softness of the skin. The antioxidant, vitamin and flavonoids of wheatgrass support the toxin removal, heal the damaged cell, hydrate the deep skin, may remove scar and acne. Get healthy and glowing skin with natural juice.

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    Mint Veda Amla (Sugar Free) Juice – 1litre pack of 1


    Regulate blood pressure
    enrich with vitamin-c
    Strengthene body immune system
    moderate cough, cold & throat
    regulates blood glucose level in diabetics

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